Daheng’s transformer secondary bushings are used for connecting cables outside of pad-mounted transformer tanks to the secondary coil winding leads inside the tanks. The 3150A secondary bushings are offered as inline and 90° internal spade versions, 4300A secondary bushings are offered as inline only. They are designed for use in oil-filled transformer

  They are externally clamped for sidewall mounting through a specified tank hole. The bushings are designed for use inside cubicles only.

  All metallic parts of the bushings are tin plated for more efficient current interchange. The sealing gasket is contained by the molded body for controlled compression, ensuring an effective seal.

  DAHENG low voltage bushings are designed comply with ABB’s specification, for the use on distribution transformers with ANSI standards.

  The bushings consist of an epoxy insulating body, conductor stud, internal connection spade and external connection spade, and a piece of clamp. On customer’s request, we can also supply 1 piece of seal gasket.

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